The Shiz (“Unplugged”)

The Shiz Duo is the conscious hippie folk, rock & soul collaboration of Liz Hogan and Lilli Lewis, otherwise known as the heart of indie-rock band The Shiz. The two have been playing together since 2004, debuting at Atlanta’s Midtown Music Festival. Finding themselves in the narrowing pack of those hellbent on keeping meaning in the music, Hogan and Lewis play with a compelling transparency from the first note to the last.

People Say We Sound Like:
Indigo Girls, Toshi Reagon, Bob Dylan, Joan Armatrading, Tracy Chapman

The Shiz (Full Band)

“From the soul of the South comes The Shiz. Indie Rock meets Louisiana Blues and Soul from two leading ladies who front the band more like preachers than beauty queens. Lewis’ keys and Hogan’s guitar and harmonica are joined by Wade Hymel on drums, Alan Craig on bass and Andrew robin on violin. From the first chord to the last, The Shiz is hellbent on putting meaning back in the mainstream and they do so with relentless, “you’ll take it and you’ll like it” integrity. The ensemble plays with a compelling transparency with their hearts pumping hard in their chests – Unexpectedly stirring, and a damned good time.”

The surprising little band from Hammond, LA, is the indie band alter-ego for conscious hippie, folk, rock and soul duo Liz Hogan and Lilli Lewis. Hogan and Lewis have been playing together since 2004, debuting at Atlanta’s now defunct Midtown Music Festival. Their collaborations have spanned genres from jazz and soul to folk-rock, and released “Where We Stand,” their first full length album as “The Shiz” in September of 2009.

People Say We Sound Like:
Alabama Shakes, Dave Matthews Band, Neil Young, Tom Petty,
Gnarls Barkley, Band of Skulls

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