Hey there sister
Where do you think you belong?
Hey sister, I’m here to help you along
I’ve spoken words and I’ve written some down
And I’ve used my feet to paint the ground
But don’t be fooled, I’m a lot like you
I’ve got a lot to learn, much to prove

Hey there sister, do you ever wonder why
Hey sister, I’ll bet you’ve more dreams than tears a cloud could cry
Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be taken aback,
Don’t let the sorrow of 10,000 set you off track
A world is there. You are here
Got to look beyond to see what’s clear

As the crow flies above
Keep your sight set on love
If the rain comes down
Don’t get stuck in the mud
And see the lives that others have known
But don’t be afraid to find
Your own way in this world

And I’m here for you

Hey there sister
Who do you think you are?