put your head in the mouth
of your failure
and let’s see if you survive

put your head in the mouth
of your fear and doubt
and let’s watch you try to stay alive

i’ll put my face in the mirror
i’ll reflect what I see
cause so much of what you are
is what i want to be

put your head in the mouth
of my witness, of my love
and let’s see if we can finally
watch our sunrise

i have walked on this journey
for a long time now
but i can still taste the burden
of this exile

so if i break, if i shatter,
if i leak out on the ground
you just drink from the waters
of the wild

if you make me a promise
and you walk at my pace sometimes
we won’t beg any pardon
for who we’re gonna be

i put my head in the mouth
of this kindness, of this rest
so we can see if we will finally
watch our sunrise

We can sing
With broken wings
We will sing
With our broken wings